hey guys out there ....

well, hi at first ! i am new here .... and yeah okay let's start .. i think i should introduce myself first

i am a 15 year old girl .. from austria... and my life is like a pile of shit at the moment ... and i don't know what to do .. i mean, i think i get my friends on their nerves if i always tell them about my fucking life... that'S why i decided to get myself on here !!!

is somebody reading my entry?! and if sy does then please don't think that i am totally crazy ... cuz i am not really into this whole blog thing i just want to write down my problems to feel a bit better ...

first of all ... there is this guy .. who i love really ... so much he used to like me but then he just meant he doesn't want any girlfriend .. and me also not ... but he still was saying he likes me .. after that i never heard about him .. i wrote him a letter but he didn't even answer after that ... i am like kinda desperate right now because of him ... i can't forget him ...

and i think maybe i am ugly ... no boy likes me at all maybe that is the reason why he didn't want to go out with me ........

yeah and then there is school !! which always keeps me busy ... but i am not bad at all at school just in maths ... there i am really BAD and i am so afraid of my parents cuz they don't know the results of my last exam .. !! THEY'LL GONNA KILL ME

 the nice things in my life are my friends.. especially jojo kathi lena mari marie vreni steffi and lisa (and silke)

they are like really the only thing .. which are positive ...

yeah u see i just write trash .. :D

i'll write again 2morrow ! :D


biggest loser in the world ^^





24.1.07 18:14

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